Dentures for Restoring Natural Smiles

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At Calm Spring Dental, we understand that missing teeth can impact your smile and self-confidence. We are proud to offer comfortable and affordable tooth replacement options, including dentures. Our restorations, skillfully and artistically created for you, will have you looking, feeling, and smiling your best in no time!

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are removable oral appliances designed to replace missing teeth and restore your youthful, functional smile. Complete dentures replace a full set of teeth in either the upper or lower jaw, while partial dentures fill the gaps left by some missing teeth. Partials can be fastened to your natural teeth with metal clasps or precision attachments.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Dentures?

Today’s denture technology advances bring you restorations that are more affordable, comfortable, functional and natural-looking than ever before! Your new dentures will allow you to enjoy your favorite foods once again and to speak with clarity and confidence. If you have any teeth remaining, partial dentures will help prevent them from shifting or wearing down, preserving your bite, and enhancing your oral health. Best of all, your new restorations will support your facial muscles, instantly making your face look younger.

Conventional vs. Immediate Dentures

At times, we may need to extract any remaining teeth before fitting you with your new dentures. When opting for conventional dentures, we will wait for the tissue to heal, which may take several months. While waiting, we will place temporary dentures, so you don’t have to go a day without a complete smile.

Some patients prefer to get their dentures right away and choose immediate dentures. We prepare these restorations in advance and place them right after removing any remaining teeth. With immediate dentures, you don’t have to wait for your final restorations. However, they will need adjustments and relining several months down the road to ensure a perfect fit because the gums and jaw change in shape after healing, causing the dentures to become loose. Immediate dentures may need to be replaced with a new denture if it becomes loose.

Adjusting to Your New Dentures?

Your new dentures or partials will likely require a brief adjustment period, after which you’ll feel comfortable and enjoy the many benefits they offer. Make sure to contact us if there are any sore or uncomfortable spots so we can adjust them.

Will You Need to Use Dental Adhesives?

While some patients find that dental adhesives provide an added sense of stability and security, they are not needed for well-fitting dentures. If your dentures become loose, denture adhesives do not offer a viable solution to keep them in place. It’s best to return to our office for relining or any necessary adjustments to ensure your dentures continue to provide the best comfort, fit, and function.

How Should You Care for Your Dentures?

Make sure to brush your dentures every day with a soft-bristled brush and non-abrasive denture toothpaste, and rinse them well after every meal. Remove your dentures every night, store them in a mild denture cleaner or water, and rinse them before returning them to your mouth. Refrain from making any adjustments or repairs to your dentures to avoid damaging them. Please contact our office if you have any concerns.

Quality Dentures Near Me

Contact Calm Spring Dental in San Antonio, TX, to learn more about our tooth replacement options, including dental implants. We are committed to delivering outstanding, durable restorations for long-term healthy smiles. Call us and schedule your appointment today!

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